Tender Translation

Here at The Translation People, we understand how time is of the essence when responding to requests for tender. Tenders come in all shapes and sizes, but are generally always time sensitive, we can help take away the stress of reams of foreign words by providing you with fast, accurate and professional tender translations.

Often tender documents contain information which isn’t relevant and so doesn’t need to be translated. If required our specialist team will go through your documents with you to help you establish exactly which sections you require translating, and which aren’t relevant to your requirements. Your dedicated Account Manager will create a detailed project plan to ensure that your documents are translated in order of priority and fed through to you as they are completed. Once you have compiled your response we are on hand to transfer your answers back into the language required by the tender.

Working to impossible deadlines?

Our bespoke and flexible attitude to our client’s projects allows us to set up a production line, whereby you respond to one question, send through the copy and we translate the text as you continue with the next question. This way translations are completed in real time and you aren’t faced with the daunting task of getting thousands of words translated into another language at the eleventh hour.

On a tight budget?

We work with the latest translation management tools, which allow us to analyse your documents and charge discounted rates for repeated text. Tenders can be very repetitive, so why not send us your document to see how we can save you money? In addition to the standard TM tools, we also work with online translation memory software, which allows multiple translators to work on one document at the same time; terminology is stored centrally and updated into a central database as the translators translate. This not only allows us to complete your translation quickly, as cheaply as possible (due to discounts for repeated phrases), but also ensures that terminology remains consistent throughout. Consistent terminology is an extremely important factor when trying to provide the best impression to the company from which you are tendering for business.

Need to amend responses to tender questions in light of internal review?

Simply mark up where the changes have been made, or pass the documents to us and we’ll do it for you. The translator will then compare their original translation with the amended source text and update as appropriate.

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Why use The Translation People for your tender translation?

  1. We offer a bespoke tailor-made service to maximise the time available and ensure your translations meet that all important tender deadline.
  2. Our reviewers can work with you to establish which sections you absolutely need to have translated and which aren’t so vital.
  3. Translations can be completed in real time, as you continue to compose your tender response.
  4. Updated tender responses can be quickly updated in the translated copy.

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